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Lantern Fairy:
Flow Arts Enchantress


Allow us to introduce you to Marianna Moroz aka Lantern Fairy, a maestro of the performing arts from Ukraine.

With consummate skill, she seamlessly melding drama, dance, and the art of object manipulation to create a mesmerizing symphony of movement.

Lantern Fairy offers a transformative experience, taking audiences away on a captivating journey through visual and emotional wonderlands from tribal fire show to breathtaking Dragon dance

Take a deep dive into our website to discover more about the enchanting world of Lantern Fairy.

Immerse yourself in the realm of visual poetry and seize the opportunity to book your own experience today.

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Various Acts with:

Pixel LED wands | Fire Wand | Day Wand

Day Dragons | LED Dragons

Pixel Fans | Lotus Day Fans | Fire Fans

LED Wings | Day Wings

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