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Who's behind Lantern Fairy

Lantern Fairy is the stage name of Marianna Moroz, a performing arts practitioner hailing from Ukraine.


She underwent formal training in drama, dance, and music at the Kyiv Academy of Arts before shifting her focus towards fire and LED shows.

Marrying her expertise in drama and dance with the art of prop manipulation, she crafts breathtaking performances that exude a captivating ambiance. Her innate sense of rhythm metamorphoses Marianna into a harmonious force on stage, elevating her live acts to new heights.

Since 2008, Marianna has actively participated in a multitude of festivals and events across Europe and Asia.


From 2008 to 2016, she honed her craft in the realm of fire manipulation and fan techniques. Her achievements include winning the battle contest at the Kyiv Flame Festival, earning her the prestigious title of Best Fire Performer in 2015.

In 2016, Marianna was drawn to the rarely-utilized prop known as the flow wand (levitation wand).


Through daily practice and captivating street performances in the bustling streets of Hong Kong, she mastered the long string technique, leaving spectators entranced by her enchanting artistry.

In 2021, Marianna expanded her repertoire by incorporating Flow Dragons into her performances. Currently, she is mastering the art of buugengs.

Beyond her performances, Marianna conducts workshops in Flow Art, Drama, Musical Theater.

Lantern Fairy is available for bookings worldwide and is currently based in Hong Kong.

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