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Who's behind Lantern Fairy

Lantern Fairy is a stage name of performing arts practitioner from Ukraine Marianna Moroz.

After being trained in drama, dance and music at the Kyiv Academy of Arts she moved her focus to fire show and LED show.

Combining her knowledge and experience in drama and dance with props manipulation she creates stunning performances imbued with the fabulous atmosphere. 


Keen sense of rhythm transforms Marianna into an equalizer on stage which lifts her live performance to the next level.

Since 2008 Marianna has been actively participating in hundreds of festivals and events in Europe and Asia. 

From 2008 to 2016 Marianna had been focused on the power of fire and technique of fans.

Winning battle-contest of Kyiv Flame Festival she was awarded title of the Best Fire Performer of the year 2015.

In 2016 Marianna was attracted by the rarely used prop called flow wand (levitation wand) and mastered long string technique practicing and performing every day with street show in Hong Kong.

Ever since she hypnotizes spectators with magic technique.


In 2021 Marianna added Flow Dragons to her arsenal.

Currently she is mastering buugengs.

Aside from performing Marianna conducting Flow Art, Drama, Musical Theater workshops and online classes of English as second language.

Lantern Fairy is available for booking worldwide.

Currently based in Thailand

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